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About Us

We want to help you create memorable life adventures.

About Us

Every adventure starts with a dream. A vision. A desire. A need to create special moments and memories with family and loved ones. Memories that remain etched in your mind forever and always bring a smile to your face when triggered. Moments that are stitched together to create your life stories. Stories that you tell over and over again.

Realise your dream, fulfil your desire. With Supernova.

So, do you want to hire a supercar in Dubai?

You want someone who understands what you want from your driving experience. Someone who will make it all happen for you, hassle-free. Someone who will be more than a service provider but rather your trusted partner.
We are that someone.

Come create your memorable driving experiences with us.

Looking for a luxury car rental in Dubai?

Supernova is a car rental company in Dubai, owned by car enthusiasts, offering supercars and luxury cars to tourists, sportscar lovers, celebrities, adrenalin junkies, lavish weddings and anyone else wanting to experience the thrill of driving a supercar in Dubai. We offer a range of cars including Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover, Ferrari, Mercedes G63, BMW and Rolls Royce amongst others.

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