Frequently Asked Question

All things that you need to know about Carify and some frequently asked question here

For the security deposit, credit cards are required. This amount is not deducted from the card unless additional charges are added to the contract after the Supernova vehicle is returned.
Because the security deposit is not charged to the card, Supernova does not issue a refund. However, depending on the card provider or bank, the block may be removed in as little as a few days. The customer can then use the blocked amount again.
Yes, the renter must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver's licence as well as a credit card.

Parking is easy to come by in the UAE. Paid parking is available along the roadside, with parking metres installed. Parking fees vary depending on the time of day and parking zone. When parking their Supernova vehicle, customers must check the parking zone and pay the appropriate fee.

We strongly advise all customers to adhere to traffic regulations for their own safety and to ensure that the law is followed. The following are the most common traffic fines reported in the country: exceeding the posted speed limit Inability to pay for parking Inadequate lane discipline Failure to obey traffic signals a failure to use seat belts Driving while talking on the phone

No. Towing is a rental agreement violation and is not permitted under any circumstances.

Yes, an extra driver can be added for a small fee. Inform our counter staff at the time of rental, and make sure the extra driver has a valid passport and driver's licence.