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Privacy Policy

The renter (including those applying for the rental agreement) and the driver (hereinafter referred to as "renter" and "driver", respectively) shall agree to the Company's use of the personal information of the "renter" and "driver" for the following purposes:

  • To perform the duties of the rental car company based on the Basic Instructions related to rental cars such as the preparation of rental certificates, etc.;
  • To identify and screen the "renter" or "driver";
  • To notify the "renter" and "driver" via advertising printed matter, e-mail, etc. regarding automobiles, insurance policies, mobile phones and other lines of business of the Company, or various kinds of events, campaigns, etc. held by the Company;
  • To conduct questionnaire surveys of the "renter" and "driver" for the purpose of developing products or studying measures for improving customer satisfaction; and
  • To statistically aggregate and analyze personal information, and prepare statistical data that has been processed into a form in which individuals cannot be identified or specified.
  • The "renter" agrees to the Company's providing the personal information of the "renter" to a third party within the scope shown below. The "renter" may, however, request that the Company stop providing their personal information to a third party.
  • Contents of information provided: Information relating to the leasing of a rental car, such as the type and class of vehicle used, purpose of use, starting date and time of rental period, etc., and personal information such as the name, address, etc. of the "renter"
  • The Information will only be used for Sending sales-related information to the "renter", such as information on products, services, etc., Conducting questionnaire surveys of the "renter" on the motives for renting a car or on Company's customer service, in order to use the information as reference material for planning and developing products or for improving customer satisfaction, Facilitating the operation of rental contracts, and planning measures for the satisfaction of customers.
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