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Range Rover Sport SVR

Building on Range Rover Sport’s inherent thoroughbred qualities, Range Rover Sport SVR creates a performance SUV that is even more exhilarating.

This is immediately apparent in the design, with the vehicle’s muscular, broad shouldered stance being the perfect complement to its performance and handling. Exclusive larger air intakes in the front bumper promote even greater airflow to the two charge air coolers and the rear spoiler increases downforce at high speeds.

Everything about Range Rover Sport SVR has been taken to new heights. The active exhaust system features two-stage electronically controlled valves. This delivers a throaty sound that incorporates purposeful modulated pulsing at lighter throttle openings and allows a greater flow through all four exhaust pipes as the valves open with increasing engine speed. Range Rover Sport SVR truly sounds as good as it drives.

AED 1800 AED 2100 / Day
technical specifications
Number of doors 4
Maximum number of people 5
Transmission type Auto
Air-conditioning yes
Model Year 2022
Type SUV
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